The Lady: Part 8

Dearest Shu Lien,


Dear Leon returns to me. At first I do not notice him, as I am too busy at my desk, finalizing the plans for the approaching debut. It is only when he speaks that I am aware of his presence.

“You’re still up. Are you feeling better?”

I must be careful with how I tread.

“No. But how can I rest when there is so much work to be done?”

I turn to look at him, allowing some of my fire to pass through my eyes.

“Don’t you have work to do Leon?”

He sighs and moves towards me. Then he kneels and takes my hand.

“I am guessing you are cross with me.”

I pull my hand from his and move away to the exit.

“You guess right, dear Leon.”

He is once again on his feet and takes my wrist in his hand.

“My dear, please listen to me. It is finished, all of it.”

I shoot him a look.

“Your work?”

He hesitates.

“Yes my work.”

I pull myself free from his grasp and move away from him.

“When I married you I knew the duty of a count could be extreme at times. But I also am aware that the duties of a husband should be expected more than once in two months.”

Forced tears stream down my face as I sit upon the bed.

“Did I do something wrong? Have I displeased you in some way? Please tell me so I can understand!”

I cover my face with my hands to better convey my apparent sorrow to him. I feel Dear Leon’s familiar, strong arms bring me into a warm embrace.

“You did nothing wrong.”

I remove my hands. I am then pulled into a hungry kiss. One which I am powerless to decline. It is not long before he attacks my neck, but by then I have already given myself fully to him.



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